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Shilpa is a fantastic interview coach and I wish I had found her a month ago. Not only does she know exactly what the interviewers are looking for, she is extremely fast and flexible in terms of scheduling. I knew I had been struggling with the right way to "package" and talk about my previous work experience in behavioral questions, and I needed some last-minute prep. Within 24 hours of scheduling my initial 30 min consult, we had our consult, a one hour session the next morning, and then my interview a few hours later - which the interviewer told me I passed on the spot! Got an offer within a month.

R. M. (Product Manager)

You shall be in great shape when talking to Shilpa because every minute counts: she provides an incredible density of useful information and practical recommendations! Her sessions are very organized, all outcomes are structured and documented. Shilpa helped me to assess my target opportunities, prepare for upcoming interviews, and shared a great approach to reframing my resume. She is supportive, open, and motivating. I am very impressed with her services and her personality! Shilpa was key in getting an offer from my target company which I joined last week!

Yulia L. (Technical Program Manager at a top tier e-Commerce Marketplace)

Shilpa is excellent at interview prep. I asked her for help on behavioral questions, and she went above and beyond. She took the time to understand my background, the role I was applying for, and walked me through what might be important to highlight. As we practiced, she gave me tough and honest feedback, then gave suggestions on how I could frame my answers better. I came away feeling like I learned some new tools and a clear sense of how I could nail my interviews.

F. S. (VP Product Management at an Ed Tech company)

Shilpa coached me for my interviews at Google. She was incredibly helpful in explaining areas of development, and encouraging me in the areas I was doing well. I found our sessions helped me tremendously - not just because of her depth of knowledge, but also her kind and encouraging nature. As someone who was struggling with confidence it was great to have someone who was able to empathize and encourage me focusing on the positives and helping me understand the gaps. I would be happy to recommend Shilpa to anyone going through the PM interview process.

A. R. (PM at Google)

Shilpa was easy to talk to and is a good listener. She was very objective and to the point in her feedbacks - which was super great. I will be looking forward to the next session with her.

D. S. (MBA student)

Shilpa was essential in helping me prepare for my Google PM and case interviews. She guided me in structuring and breaking down open-ended strategy questions, and her feedback helped me dramatically improve my answers to behavioral questions for interviews other than Google. She's highly recommended for all types of PM interview prep!

Chris Tyler (PM at Facebook)

Shilpa is by far the best "interview coach" I have worked with in my career. She took the time to understand my background including my strengths/weaknesses, then articulated the roles that I was interested in and was able to tailor the coaching session very effectively to how I could leverage my experience to meet the needs of the role. She has the unique ability to paint both the strategic landscape as well as dive into the details and I feel so much better informed about the preparation required on multiple dimensions to do well in my interviews. I would highly recommend her for any interview preparation and look forward to additional coaching sessions with her so that I can ace my interviews.

Vivek R. (SVP at a leading Fintech company)

During our first session, Shilpa listened to my questions and very well summarized key areas that I have to work out to be successful at job searching process. Shilpa used the time efficiently in a structured way and equipped me with specific, practical tools making me clear about the next steps and the homework that I need to accomplish by our next session. Also Shilpa made very valuable comments on how to improve my CV. After the session I feel very optimistic about my chances in tech industry and enthusiastically look forward to our next session.

V. S. (Student at HKUST MBA, HongKong)

Thanks during July 4th time to my coach Shilpa. She is very knowledgeable,  and the best part is she is very friendly and approachable.  I think being able to empathize with the mentee is the most important trait in a coach, that Shilpa offers.

S. Gupta (Product Manager)

Shilpa helped me in my preparation for my interviews with Lyft, eBay, Uber, SurveyMonkey and others. Not only she helped me with building a great structure to answer product sense or execution questions, she helped me build the mindset to be ready to answer any kind of product interview questions regardless of the company or type of interview. She is a great coach in overall for any product manager. I strongly recommend her coaching services to any aspiring product manager in the Tech industry. She helped me land 10 final round interviews in this horrible hiring market and I am joining one of them.

O. O. (PM at Amazon)

Shilpa has been a stellar PM mentor during my time at Google and she has invested heavily in my career development. From our very first conversation, I felt comfortable asking her tough questions about how I should approach challenges in my day-to-day role, and she immediately provided structured ways to re-frame my decisions. Rather than providing explicit direction, Shilpa is much more thoughtful about walking through different frameworks to consider my personal priorities and thereby address career tradeoffs that I'm faced with. I've really appreciated this tactic, since it has helped me come to meaningful conclusions that align with my longer term goals. She also is incredibly effective and generous about creating connections that inform career decisions. For example, when I had questions about pros/cons of transferring between offices, she on the spot connected me with a teammate of hers who joined our conversation that moment to offer insight. Shilpa has wonderful energy and a generous heart, I'm lucky to have worked with her!

M. C. (PM at Google)

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