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My name is Shilpa Vir! I am a seasoned Product Management leader and  Entrepreneur, currently serving as a  Product Lead at Google. I have spent 15+ years leading Product, Engineering, and Operations teams at Google, eBay, Microsoft, HP, and Yahoo. I have also founded 2 startups and worked in several early and mid-stage startups.

Being a woman of color, the first female in my family to get a professional degree, and a first-generation immigrant to the US, I am an ardent supporter of empowering women in STEM. I do a lot of mentoring and coaching on the side to help people achieve their career goals. During my career I have been promoted several times, received 40+ job offers and have spent a lot of time learning and researching how promotion decisions are made. During this journey, I developed frameworks, approaches and methods that were so successful that friends and family began asking me for help with their career. Thus began a journey through which I have helped several people advance in their career and achieve their goals. 

I now share my insights via my mentoring, teaching as well as hands-on workshops at various companies (NetApp, Yahoo etc.), events and conferences including 6 workshops at the Grace Hopper Conference in the past 7 years. I am also a regular speaker, moderator, and panelist at tech events / conferences. Book a workshop or speaking engagement

I am involved with various women in tech organizations. I lead the Women in Product (WIP) South Bay chapter, serve on the GHC Product Management committee for and involved in several diversity initiatives at Google. In the past, I served on the steering committee of eBay Women in Tech group as Industry Affiliations track lead where I collaborated with D&I leaders across the industry to organize events like Girl Geek Dinner, When She Speaks, NWAP un-conferences, She's Geeky Conference to name a few.

Connect with me to ask your questions or give feedback. I would love to hear from you!

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Shilpa Vir made this course really amazing! I would love to take another course with her. I am thankful to her for putting her heart and soul into teaching us. Her genuine care and open attitude are really inspiring. Her wealth of learnings from her vast experience were very insightful and helpful in bridging the gap between theory and practice. I really enjoyed the thought-provoking conversations during assignment reviews and group work. The best part of the course is meeting great product people from the instructor to fellow classmates from all over the world.

Maria Arshad

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